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Chord Inversions….

Doc Byron Yasui “Hey play above the fifth fret. You paid for all those extra frets you might as well use them!”

Doc, has a way of saying things that make you think. My little tip here is to buy the Roy Sakuma “Treasury of Ukulele Chords” Book and LEAVE it on your practice stand FOREVER!! I know it sounds extreme but this little book is the only one that I found that shows all inversions of a chord on one page (in one column actually).

Here is how you use it. As your playing your favorite tunes try using a chord further up the neck from the one your currently using. This can add a ton of spice to your playing.

And .. if your bored cuz your local Ukulele group is only plays in the Key of C. Then you definitely need to move up the neck.


If your playing C at 0001 then try playing C at 5433 or get really fancy move to the next inversion. So, during your practice time or next jam try using that new C when ever you can. You will be surprised how fast you get fluent with the new chord.


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