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In Berkeley CA at DaSilva Ukulele Co.

Its late March 2010 and I have gone on walk about of sorts. I know that I want to relocate but where? The WEST COAST that’s where!! Go Left Young Man!!


Laying the Rosette in!

I came out to the mid coast in early March. I am currently working in Mike DaSilva’s shop making ukulele parts and such. Its been a blast and I have learned a ton about the inner workings of the ‘Ukulele. Mike is a master at creating great sounding ‘ukuleles. He doesn’t mind pushing the limits of the wood or his own abilities/sleep schedules. He is an artist and when moved … he moves!

So, I think this is it this is the place to strive for. I will go back to the Midwest and save up some bucks to come back. I can apply for jobs in

the local area that will help me pay the rent and play my heart out for the rest of the money.

I was invited down to the Carmel area to teach a couple of workshops that went very well. It was finger picking 101 the first week and applying those techniques to songs the next week. The Carmel group has a lot of ambition and

Carmel 'Ukulele Group

they learn quickly! The 90 min sessions passed in what felt like 15 min. What a great group of people!

Mo… later!!

The National Guitar Factory and Beaches full of peaches!!


Spanky Gutierrez


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