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A visit to National Guitars

I visited National Guitars last weekend. What a cool place! I had met the owner, Don Young

CNC Machine cutting Ukulele Necks

CNC Machine cutting Ukulele Necks...

at the last

NAMM show in January of 2010. I really wanted one of his guitars but all the guitars were already sold by the end of the first day!

Don is a gracious host and showed us all the high and low tech tools in the shop. They have more computer driven cutters and smashers than you can count but at the base of the instrument the resonating cone..

Don making a resonator

Don doing his thing!!

well its still turned by hand! Don gave us a little example of how its done.

Some owners are feared some are kept in a walnut lined office but

not here. Don does it all and he is so very concerned for his folks. You can tell

that Don has put a great

team together. One that is innovative and willing to go the extra mile. His talents are matched by the talent of his employees,

and you can see it in his products.

Check out his web site:


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