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Tahoe Review…

The Tahoe festival was a lot of fun. I had the great opportunity to reconnect with some old uke friends like: Ukulele Tonya, James Hill and to meet some new folks too (Michael Powers from urban ukulele). Andy Andrews was there selling a fair part of his collection of Martin Ukes. This was the vendor table to hit! Wow, old martins of every size in various stages of decay but all still sounding great.

Mike Da’Silva and Marry Gribbin hosted me Friday night. We were running late and came in just as James Hill took the stage. James just keeps getting better and better. All aspects of performing just grows exponentially every time I see him. His stage presence, song arrangements, technique, and now he is singing too! I haven’t seen James in a while, and to have such a gifted instrumentalist develop a voice… well that’s just not fair! Well done James… well done indeed.

Jake could not make the show but as I understand it a group of very talented folks took the stage and upheld the show biz motto… the show must go on!!

I had to leave the festival a little early but it seemed that all were having a pretty good time. There were some last minute changes that made the classes pretty difficult to get to and I heard some grumbling about the fee structures but all in all a good festival.


Mark Spanky Gutierrez


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