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UPDATE: HOT NEWS FLASH: Mark ‘Spanky’ Gutierrez joins Omaha Creative Institute


There are only two slots left open. If your interested or know someone that is… get off the fence and sign up!

Original Message:

If you are, or you know someone  in the Omaha area that wants to learn how to play ‘Ukulele, send them to the web site below! I just joined the staff at Omaha Creative Institute and will be teaching beginning ‘ukulele class. Now, this is meant for anybody! It doesn’t matter if your elementary music teacher asked you not to sing or if your dance instructor always asked you to refill the punch bowl. Anybody can play ‘ukulele. If you have played guitar, or any other musical instrument, you will have a slight advantage, but if you have no musical experience at all… well this class is for you!

The class objective is: Get us all playing and singing a  handful of songs in under 2 hours!

You don’t even have to have a ‘ukulele! Loaners will be available; they come from my personal stock of hand crafted ‘ukuleles! These ain’t yo grammy’s ukes! These are the Stradivarius of the ‘Ukulele world.

Here are the specifics for the class…

Date: July 31, 2010

Time: 10:45 A.M.

Cost: 35.00

Website to sign up:

See you in class!


Mark ‘Spanky’ Gutierrez


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2 thoughts on “UPDATE: HOT NEWS FLASH: Mark ‘Spanky’ Gutierrez joins Omaha Creative Institute

  1. Connie Lorenzo on said:

    I have been wanting to learn the ukulele, but am working on the day of your workshop! I hope you will have another one in the future.

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