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Omaha Creative Institute 1st ‘Ukulele Class


Another batch of ‘ukulele newbies! Saturdays class was a lot of fun. I think the group did very well. We played Don’t worry be happy in 25 minutes! Thats the glory of the little ‘ukulele.

It is easy to start and you can take it as far as you want to go!

The first half of the class got us up to playing some 3 chord songs. The second half got us into 3 chord songs and some rhythm techniques.

Congrats to the students and a very special thank you to the Omaha Creative Institute for putting on the event!


Mark ‘Spanky’ Gutierrez


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4 thoughts on “Omaha Creative Institute 1st ‘Ukulele Class

  1. Hi Mark – it’s great to read about your history and energy for this instrument, and how it has become a way of life. Plus helping make it easy for many new players to learn and enjoy.

    I recently started a ukulele based program here in Cincinnati, OH to help beginners learn, plus reach out to the community in several ways. Since you got your ukulele start via Jim Beloff, you’re probably familiar with FLEA ukuleles, which I feature in my kits. (You can see more about my program and link to my primary website via my WordPress blog. Would certainly welcome any comments from you time to time)

    Thanks for all the great links and resources on your site!

    Greg H.

  2. mikayla on said:

    hey just wondering when the next class is. the ukulele seems like such a fun inst. to play 🙂

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