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So, what chord inversion do you use?? Follow the melody! I was playing Wave by Jobim and a friend of mine asked me what chord I was playing. I responded “D7”, he asked and that one … I replied “D7”. Why two different versions? I replied that I was following the melody.

Strum that THANG!

Strum That Thang!

See, if you can follow the melody for a few notes it gives the listener a connection to the song. If I can’t follow the melody exactly meaning that you can’t place the melody note as the highest in the chord then will follow the melody up or down in pitch. So if the melody is going up, then I will pick chords that are going up the neck. Two or three chords moving in the direction of the melody is almost as powerful as playing the exact notes. The big BUT in this is that using either method the RHYTHM must be the same as the song! You can play the wrong notes but if you play the wrong rhythm it’s not going to work.

The best way to know if you’re right or wrong … record your self and then listen carefully. You will know and if you’re not sure listen to the original then listen to yours again.

Good Luck with this!!


Mark ‘Spanky’ Gutierrez


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