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Ukulele Greet and Meet!! Omaha Ne

Ok, its been long enough this just has to happen. We have to unite as a ‘ukulele group in Omaha Nebraska. I know there are tons of players out there! So, it’s time to come out of the ‘Ukulele closet! Come on out and meet some other players. If you’re somebody that just wants to learn let me know and I will bring ya a loaner uke.

We want to build a community that gets together once a month to play and perform for each other. It’s a no pressure kind of thing. Just come out, let your hair down sing a few songs and have some good clean fun…. And you know nothing says fun like a Ukulele!

We are meeting at the Crane Coffee at 60th and Center at 5PM 10/30/2010.


Mark ‘Spanky’ Gutierrez


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5 thoughts on “Ukulele Greet and Meet!! Omaha Ne

  1. Mary Pumphrey on said:

    Hey Mark Here’s a blast from your past – we worked together at FD eons ago! How are you? It is such an interesting world. I am a board member of a local art council in SW Iowa. I am looking for a band with a Latin influence to play for an event in January. The first band I come across is 4 Strings of Swing. The event is 1/22. Email me fopr more details if interested. In fact just email me either way – I’d love to catch up! Mary

  2. Amy Haave on said:

    I am interested in joining a Uke group in the Omaha area (I live in Fremont, NE). Do you have a meeting scheduled? Do you teach lessons?

  3. Mark,

    i recently bought an uke a couple months ago, and am really enjoying it! the idea of a group is what im looking for it sounds like alot of fun to come out and meet others who play…when are you meeting next?


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