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Our most recent gig, the next Uke Greet and Meet, and December 2010!!

Our band loves playing at España, this last weekend something special was in the air but I am not quite sure what it was. Both nites we had a good amount of folks and people got a little more involved which made it a more fun.

The band was just tighter as well. I think getting to play on a regular basis keeps the saw sharp and it certainly felt good last night. We busted out a Dizzy Gillespie tune called Night in Tunisia. It really turned out well, we had a ball playing it. The tune splits between a latin grove and swing. It totally keeps you on your toes! Another hit last weekend was a tango called Kiss of Fire… big shout out to my good friend Michele Kiba for introducing it to me. The crowd seems to really enjoy it. Could you go wrong with a over the top tango? Could a tango ever not be over the top? I think not!


So big, mahalo to all that came out to see us play!


Next, Saturday 11/27/2010 we are having a Uke Greet and Meet at the Crane Coffe on 60th and Center at 5:00PM.

Now, listen up these are for anybody that is interested in the ukulele. If you already play then come along, if you want to learn how to play we can provide a loaner uke and we are happy to teach you. Just come on out, we will have a great time singing a few tunes.

December is shaping up to be ultra cool. I am going to Hawaii for a ukulele music camp. Kimo Hussey is putting on a the Molokai Ukulele workshop. Its a full week of nothing but ukulele! I am so looking forward to some serious uke time and sunshine. I will be bringing back some cool things for all of us midwestern ukulele players!! Kimo promises to teach some traditional Hawaiian tunes, and he has some guest music therapists coming to discuss the benefits of music in healing.


I have had a lot of people ask about the next Omaha Creative Institute Beginning Ukulele course. It will be offered December 18th 2010 in the afternoon. The Omaha Creative Institute web for details and registration. I love doing theses, I get to meet some new folks and we have a great time learning how to play the ukulele. They are two hours long and I promise by the end of the two hours you will be playing music!!

So, Happy Holidays and as always PEACE…

Don’t let the hustle and bustle take your peace away…




Peace my friends

Mark “Spanky” Gutierrez



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