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2010 What a Year!!

Wow, what a year!

Two of my best friends got married, the 4 strings of swing attended two major ukulele festivals, we finished our first CD, I traveled to Hawaii for a weeklong ‘ukulele seminar and life continues to charge ahead.

Whats up for next year?

Well personally I continue down the avenue of expanding my music knowledge as it applies to the ‘ukulele. It’s a goal of mine to bring about a full understanding of the instrument. I will also continue to learn about photography. It’s a wonderful art form, and I love the post production work.

The band will be working on a couple of really big projects. We are going back into the studio for a new cd. We are still experimenting with classic jazz but we are also expanding into other genre’s. We are also going to produce a ‘ukulele “how to” DVD.

Big gigs this year… Mike Da’Silva is having us out to the Bay Area for a day festival in January 2011. We were asked back toDallas for the 2011 Texas Ukulele Festival. We are honored by both invitations and are extremely excited to attend both. We will also continue to gig in the Omaha area. We absolutely love playing at a little Spanish tapas bar called Espaňa. The environment is perfect for a little Latin jazz and the food is fantastic!

So, my friends I hope to see you soon. Sing to the stars, and dance in the moonlight. Blessings to all of you!


Mark ‘Spanky’ Gutierrez



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3 thoughts on “2010 What a Year!!

  1. Evette Smith Nicksich on said:

    Hi There!

    Is this the same Mark Gutierrez that attended DJGross High School. Class of 1981? We are planning a reunion for June 3rd & 4th. Could you provide me with an email address to send reunion info. to?

    Evette Smith Nicksich

    • Evette,
      Thanks for thinking of me but I will not be attending.

      Mark Spanky Gutierrez

      • Evette Nicksich on said:

        Amazing! So this is you! I listened to a couple of the videos. You play so well and you look like you are enjoying yourself. It has been fascinating connecting with all our classmates and seeing what they are doing. I was hoping to see you at the reunion. Please let me know if you have any performances in the future. Ed Quinn is our Chairman and he was looking forward to seeing you, also. We have a group of us that have reconnected and we get together every month. Eileen Gillespie-Smith, Mary Jane Lorkovic-Zeller, Brigid Vail and Ed a couple of times. If you’d like to join us, you’re definitely welcome to. I hope to see you play sometime. Thanks! Evette Nicksich

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