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Spanky and 4 SOS DO IT AGAIN!!

Life is so good!!
Spanky and the 4 strings of swing are going all out again!!
We have so much fun hanging out together we want you to join in the fun too!!
3/19/2011 Mark is teaching beginning Ukulele for Omaha Creative Institute
This class is designed for NEWBIES… so if you know someone that wants to be
a newbie send em to ME!!
4/7 thru 4/9 Lone Star Uke Fest. My band 4 strings of swing is playing here too! This festival is a blast – its “Spanky” approved!! Lots of classes plenty to do and lots 

Jenko Head - 4 Strings of Swing

of Jamming!!

Other Uke Projects:
I am working on a instructional DVD for Ukulele finger picking, and my band is putting a new CD together. We should have them both ready for the Dallas Uke Festival. If you can’t make it don’t worry we will be having an Omaha release too.
Again, I hope to see you all very soon at one of the events above!!


Mark ‘Spanky’ Gutierrez


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