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New Uke Chart Added


I just added a new uke chart by the name of Quizas Quizas Quizas, you might also know it as Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps. Its a great tune.

The link is on the right under the Ukulele Transcriptions.


Mark ‘Spanky’ Gutierrez


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2 thoughts on “New Uke Chart Added

  1. Judy Weinstein on said:

    Hi, Mark –
    Reading your blog about the east coast ukefest that you went to in 2000 took me right back to when I first met you and Mike DaSilva and Byron Yasui there. I am both envious and so proud of what you’ve accomplished with your music. You blow me away. Since my first musical priority is my Sweet Adeline chorus Sound of New England, I don’t spend the time with my fluke that I want to, but I get vicarious thrills every time I read your blog.
    Congratulations, and hope to see you sometime soon in person rather than just online.
    Be well
    Judy Weinstein
    Hartford, Connecticut

    • Judy,
      How are you?? Remember when we ran into each other in Honolulu? What a crazy coincident! It’s great to hear from you. The Sweet Adeline’s produce some fantastic music. I really hope to see you again some time soon.

      Mark ‘Spanky’ Gutierrez

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