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4 Strings of Swing – Play for a Wedding

4 Strings of Swing got to play for a wedding last weekend. We played for the mass and the cocktail hour. The music for the mass included Canon in D, Ave Maria, formal Catholic mass parts, and Jazz standards for prelude and postlude music.

The bride requested Molokai Morning for her entrance. I was so honored, that she would choose a song that I had composed. I think I spoke about this in an earlier post but just to recap that song was a working morning meditation at the Hui Ho’olana on Molokai last winter. It came to me as the sun peaked up over the East side of the Island.


Hui Ho'olana

I reflected on the brides request it hit me that the meditation was a song poem. One that was made to reflect the sunrise. The event that gives me hope for a new beginning. That’s what triggered this thought that maybe just maybe the true meaning of this song was so appropriate for a wedding, a new beginning a giant act of faith in what is to come. I was very very honored.

We also played for the cocktail hour and the brides mother had requested some Hapa Haole music. Now, coming from Omaha Nebraska…that’s not an everyday request! So we worked up a handful of the most popular tunes and inserted them into our set of Jazz and Latin standards along with a few Beatles and Bob Marley tunes (for good measure of course). It turns out that the brides mom was raised on Maui and she danced the hula to two tunes for us! She was wonderful and it really made the event special. There were quite a few folks from Maui there too and we could see their ears perk up as we got into the Hawaiian tunes.

All and all it was a great experience. And a very special wish to Stacey and Chad, may the morning sun always great you with kindness.

Peace and Love

Mark ‘Spanky’ Gutierrez

Oh, if your interested in buying the CD with Molokai Morning on it it can be found here:

4 Strings of Swing Store

Molokai Sky

Great Sky at Molokai










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