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New Uke Projects!!

Wow, what a weekend! Well it seems the old saying “when it rains it pours” is spot on. The next couple of months have the 4 Strings of Swing cooking!!

This last weekend the band and Red Orchid Productions helped put together another instructional ukulele video. This one is all based on chord theory and where to put all them fancy chords on your ukulele!! We had a ball shooting the video, Erma and Studig kept us all in stitches for the weekend. There were several times that we cracked the camera man up and had to re-shoot the scene. It was a wonderful laugh, and it just couldn’t have been any better. Tory and Annie Hooton of Red Orchid Productions did a wonderful job planning and it certainly paid off! WELL DONE BRAVO!!

Next weekend 8/19 and 8/20 we are paying for our favorite little restaurant Espana, in Benson. Then on Sunday we are off to play for Jack Clark the plains ukulele builder!! It’s going to be another full weekend!!

September has a few gigs lined up too, a music festival in Iowa, Wedding in Omaha and……

Of course we are still pouring hours of work into shaping the Uke Hoopla. The date for the uke festival here in Omaha Nebraska is set for 9/24/2011. Mark your calendars and check it out at

If your looking for good video check out Red Orchid Productions at

And for great photo work check out Hooton Images at

Special thanks to Tory, Annie, Heather and JD, you all are the best!! In the words of my immortal grandmother “thanks be to God!”


Mark ‘Spanky’ Gutierrez


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