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Uke Hoopla … HERE WE COME!!

There is so much going on… My head is in a spin. There’s plane tickets to bring folks in, hotel reservations, registrations, workshop notes, vendor tables, lunches for everybody, venue, venue insurance, social media, old fashion media, but you know what?? ITS ALL COMING TOGETHER, JUST LOVELY!!

Ya, the Uke Hoopla is right around the corner 9/24/2011 please click here for more information.

I am so excited for the Uke Hoopla, we are just headed down the right road to have a wonderful time with some of the best folks that the Ukulele world has to offer. Kimo, Pops, Brook, Rebecca, JD and Heather are all wonderful teachers and performers. I am so pleased to have them on board this year. We are bound to have a great time. 

I hope if your reading this you will find your way to Omaha on 9/24/2011. If your a uke player, your going to love the workshops during the day. If your a music lover, the show will nock your socks off. Rebecca’s heart felt songs, Pops wit, Kimo’s smooth playing, Brooks arrangements, and the Jazz from the 4 strings of swing will not disappoint.

Somebody asked me the other day why I would put on such an event. My answer: The following people put me on a path Byron Yasui, Benny Chong, Brian Tolentino, Asa Young, Mike DaSilva, James Hill, John King, Pops Bayless, Kimo Hussey, Brook Adams, Lil Rev, and so many more and that path has given me great joy. Kimo’s motto is “the music is meant to be shared”, I just want to live up to and share the kindness and great instruction that has been given to me. 

Life is meant to be lived. Lead with your heart my friends. The ukulele is a humble instrument but within a very short time you will find that it will liberate the music in your soul. Don’t believe me.. come give it a try at the Ukulele Hoopla.


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