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Ukulele C7 lesson:

C7 multiple positions

C7 Multiple Positions

The picture to the left shows C7 in 4 positions up the neck. Each position is identified by a box encompassing the appropriate notes.
Play 4 beats on the first position
Then move to the next position and play another 4 beats
Up the neck and yes, DOWN the neck.
Strive for 80BPM if you do not own a metronome…
Try this online version:
See how fast you can get! but please be careful… Don’t increase the speed too soon in your practice. If you can’t play it slow.. you can’t play it fast. It’s critical that you stay in time. Let me rephrase that, its more IMPORTANT to play “in time” than to play fast with mistakes.
If you are striving to do more… 
Can you see all the dominant 7 shapes? You should recognize them from all the first position dominant 7 chords. Can you transpose this to other keys? A very big clue is that the notes that are in the blue circles are the root note. So, if you move that shape up or down two frets you have “transposed” the chord by one full step. IE.. Move it closer to the body of the ukulele by 2 frets and C7 becomes D7.

Transposing C7 to D7

BEWARE: the major scale has two places that have natural half steps. Between B,C and E,F are half steps. So if you move down two frets from C7 you would get Bb7 (or its other name A#7). Likewise if you move up two frets from E7 you would get F#7. Two tricky places to be aware of.
1/2 step = 1 fret
1 full step = 2 frets
Between B,C and E,F are half steps (one fret)
Move on thru the cycle of fifths but counter clock wise (in fourths)…
Like a so…
C7 up and down the neck
F7 up and down the neck
Bb7 “”
Eb7 “”
Ab7 “”
Db7 “”
Gb7 “”
B7 “”
E7 “”
A7 “”
D7 “”
G7 “”
If this seems too daunting stick with the keys C G D then add some when you feel mo’ bettah go back and add a few more.
Breath, relax, and like Kimo say’s “play without angst!”
You’re body will tell you when your doing this wrong. If your back, neck, wrist, thumb, or elbow hurt after your practice be sure to check your posture and wrists. Sit up straight, fight the natural desire to lean forward out front of the ukulele and try not to twist your back towards the headstock. Wrists, keep them pretty flat. There should not be a bump or a “V” at the wrist. This is true for both left and right hands. Play a tune or two in front of the mirror. That will help you identify an ergonomic problem.
Peace my friend!

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One thought on “Ukulele C7 lesson:

  1. I appreciate the lessons. Ive been playing guitar for a long time and im just now trying to pick up the ukulele. Im hoping the guitar dexterity will help me. Great post keep up the hard work. Check these out IStillGotMyGuitar.

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