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A Year Went By?

Well how did a year go by with out a post? It’s crazy CRAY ZEE!!

We (the 4 Strings of Swing) are headed down to Dallas for yet another great festival. It’s always an interesting time trying to prepare for these kind of events. We have band rehearsals, creating the documentation for classes, then we have meetings to review our lesson plans, and then packing, clothes and gear. Double checking the gear and batteries, OMG don’t forget spare FRESH batteries!

But… all in all its way worth it. I love going to these events. The ukulele players are the best group of folks you could ask to hang out with. Ukers are so excited to learn something new or to share what they know. They are equally excited with the person playing Bach as they are with the person that just learned their first C chord. It’s a wonderful environment.

If you are not a uker… come join the ranks! and if you are a uker … head out to a festival or two this year. You will love it!!


Mark ‘Spanky’ Gutierrez


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2 thoughts on “A Year Went By?

  1. Hi Spanky– I’ve met you a couple times, last time at the Milwaukee fest a few years ago. (Don’t expect you to remember me) I was wondering if you’ll be the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain Concert in Omaha. I have tickets and thought I’d scan the audience for ya to say hi!

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