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Do you ever lay down at the end of the day and feel completely exhausted? If so congratulations! The last half a year has been that way for me about every day. Life is so full and I want to do it all so… you just keep going. I have been trying to practice every day, spend quality time with the family, workout, and make great food AT HOME. It’s like getting out a giant shoe horn and getting everything you can into every day. I think if there is one thing thing that can make this all happen is love. Love that is shared, respects and supports each others desires.

I have often thought that if there were only more hours in the day, that it would all be better. Guess What? I found more hours in the day! NO TV!! Yeah, no TV, we stopped cable years ago and then moved to HULU and slowly I just moved away from TV all together. I am not saying that TV is bad I am just saying that it represents a choice that many of us don’t realize is there. Drop the TV go work out, practice, cook great food, love, or go do that thing that you would do if you had more time.

It feels so good to lie down at the end of the day and thank God for a fully lived day. Don’t spend another day waiting, go do that thing that you always wanted to do, go reconnect with people in your life tha

Mark -n- Sudhha

t may have drifted away, spend the time to keep your family connections clear and pure.

This is opening my mind to all the possibilities that God has to offer. Make room for your dreams to be exercised and more dreams will come. Bigger and greater dreams.

Like the song says

“So dream when the day is through

Dream, and they might come true

Things never are as bad as they seem

So dream, dream, dream”.

So, to you and your’s sweet dreams


Mark Spanky Gutierrez


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