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Spanky Does the Harlem Shake !?!?!?

It’s always crazy at my house. We just shot a silly video of us doing the Harlem Shake.

No, I am not kidding! and NO I it won’t ever get posted!!

But this leads into a great point, its important to let it all hang out!!

So, apply this to your playing. You know let the HAM out!! It needs to see the light of day from time to time. This kind of activity can release the performer in you in such a way that it not only is fun for you but its also entertaining for your audience.

Let a little ham out at home, by yourself and either record or better yet film yourself. This will allow you to temper the performance or it will give you the okay to let MORE OUT. When you are mostly comfortable with what you have come up with, then spring it on a live audience. I would suggest that it NOT be family. It might be way too much for people that are that close to you to make that leap with you. If you break it out at the next open mic then you are going to get responses from folks that are not biased. Chances are that if you like the performance many many others will too!



Mark Spanky Gutierrez


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