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Advanced Ukulele Clinic!

ImageAdvanced Clinic:
I have also been asked to put on an advanced clinic. This will be held Sunday 3/2 from 10am to 2pm at our house in Bellevue Nebraska.
There will be 3 hours of instruction and 1 hour for a lunch break that will be provided. The cost is 75.00 which includes lunch. There are only 10 slots available, this will ensure that more individual instruction / help can be given.
The main focus wi…ll be on tips and tricks to improve on the daily uke book songs. So, come with a song or two that you want to work on and we will work through them together. I will also explain why the tip or trick works and the music theory behind it. We will also work through some fundamental playing exercises to improve on: barre chords, positional playing and general fret board freedom.
Some topics that I want to be sure to cover are: the circle of fifths and how to play them EASILY on the ukulele – both major and minor the two five one chord progression – its relationship to the Hawaiian turnaround triplet insertion – when to use it when not to use it chord substitution and decoration – when and where to use it Lead playing – I want to touch on this if we have time.
How do you know if your qualified for this clinic? Can you play a barre chord? Can you pretty much keep up with the group? Do you feel a little bored with your current playing? Are you ready to start playing beyond fret 4, do you already play beyond fret 4? If you have said “yes” to two of these questions then I think you are ready for this clinic.
If you have questions please call me or email me. If you want to register, email me right away as we only have 10 slots available.
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One thought on “Advanced Ukulele Clinic!

  1. on said:

    Hi, Mark – Judy Weinstein here, snowbound in CT. On my bucket list someday is to attend one of your classes! I often think back with great fondness to about ten years ago when first met you and Mike DaSilva. I know Mike was at my first uke event in northern NJ, three weeks after I got my fluke. Not sure if you were there, or if we met at Santa Cruz or Hawaii. I’m so proud of you both. You’re my role models, Be well Judy Sent from my iPad


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