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It was an important day for Dad…

Gracie and I were playing on the couch the other day. She is only 11 months old but she is no stranger to music. I sang to her and her mama during the pregnancy and now almost everyday we sit at the piano and play on the keys. We also pull a uke down and she does what ever she wants with it. Sometimes she plucks the strings sometimes she slaps the back or chews on the head stock.



You never know how she is going to express herself on any given day. On this given day she pointed to a ukulele and I pulled it down for her to play with. I started to tell her about how important it is to express ourselves artistically everyday. That it lets us demonstrate how we feel in ways that words may fail us. Immediately I knew that these words were not just meant for her but me as well. I haven’t had time to practice or play nearly as much as I would normally. I started to play whatever came to mind and a wonderful song about a little train on the track that whistles Cho Cho as it goes singing by came out. I little ditty for my little sweetie. It made us both so very happy.

Express yourself through your art. Play, play, play, let it all out! Good and bad, let it out in your art. Maybe a strangers interpretation will put in words, that which you could not describe, releasing your heart to continue on.


Mark “Spanky” Gutierrez


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