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About Mark (Spanky) Gutierrez

• Born and raised in Omaha Nebraska (corn fed!).

• Instruments Guitar, ‘Ukulele, Bass, a little mandolin (no pun intended), and banjo (if he has to).

• Started playing guitar in the 5th grade.

He looks so smart when he writes music!

He looks so smart when he writes music!

• Played for many types of bands: Jazz, Christian Rock, Blues, Mariachi, Country and Folk.

• Instructor at the ‘Ukulele Festival in San Antonio 2005/2006

• Instructor at the Mid West Uke Fest 2005

• Instructor at the Portland Uke Fest 2008

• Guest Instructor at the Blue Stone Folk School 2008

• Instructor at the WCUF 2008

• Conducted group and private lessons at the Mike Da’Silva’s Uke Shop

•  Earned a Music Performance w/Technology emphasis degree from University of Nebraska at Omaha

Mark was given a ‘ukulele by a friend that owns a local second hand guitar store in the spring of 2002. He had no idea how it would impact his life. It was a no name baritone and the intonation was way off beyond the fifth fret but he couldn’t put it down. Mark kept searching for a tune he couldn’t play on the little instrument but there always seemed to be a way to work it out.

He was introduced to the world of ‘ukulele through Jump n Jim’s web site which led him to the 2002 festival in New Jersey. He played a few tunes with Rick Russo during the open mic – an event that changed his life. Since then he has attended Many festivals, been to Hawaii three times and his ‘ukulele collection has greatly expanded. Several people in the ‘ukulele community have influenced the way Mark plays as well as his outlook on life. He hopes to return the favor…

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