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Ukulele Slogan Contest… Win a Cigar Box Ukulele!!

NEW CONTEST!! We’re designing 4SOS t-shirts and stickers for our new online store and we want your help! Come up with a snappy ukulele slogan (i.e. “life’s better w/ 4 Strings”, “live ukulele”, etc.) by July 25 and post it to our wall. The slogan can have 4



Strings of Swing in it or not. We would also love to see slogans that represent the Ukulele Life Style.

1st place will receive a cigar box ukulele and the first printed t-shirt!

2nd – 5th places will receive their saying on a sticker and the first sticker hot off the press!

Come participate at…


Mark ‘Spanky’ Gutierrez


Gear Reviews!

The ‘ukulele world is filled with people who just want to have fun. Its a group that gets just as excited when a new member learns their first chord, as when James Hill rocks our socks off. Its a group that celebrates every aspect of our chosen instrument and I love this particular facet of our community.

Buying a hand built ‘ukulele from a friend.

I consider myself to be so very lucky to know a handful of very talented luthiers.

Mike Da’Silva – Premier builder and all around great guy. Mike is an artist and it comes out in his ‘ukuleles. I believe you could say that his goal is to make a uke that sounds and looks as good as a vintage Martin. I think he pulls it off, quite well. Mike is one of those guys who gets inspired at 10pm and can’t sleep until the project is done. It pours out of him and he just can’t seem to help himself. Please check out the video:


Gordon and Char Mayer – What a cool couple. Great people doing great things! Gordon and Char are fairly new to the ‘ukulele business but what a bang they have made. Their instruments are popping up every where and for good reason! The dynamic duo are cranking out a consistent product on a very consistent schedule. This is not your typical luthier!! Check out the video:


Jack Clark – Midwestern Ukulele maker from the Very Big Island of NEBRASKA!! Woo Hoo!! Jack’s ukes are beautiful and he is constantly setting the bar higher for himself. I have a 6 string from Jack and she’s got a voice of her own! Check out the Video:


There is something so incredible about playing  an instrument that somebody created just for you. Its an amazing thing. I can’t fathom the time it took to learn all of the woodworking techniques required to build an instrument. I really don’t know what drives a person to create functional art, that has to be so very precise. Its an amazing gift, and I am so glad they have chosen to share it.

Mike, Gordon, Char, Jack, Geoff, thank you so much for sharing your art and your friendship.


Mark ‘Spanky’ Gutierrez

Gear Review Video – Jack Clark 6 String Ukulele

Jack Clark is a Nebraska luthier that has been building instruments for a few years.

Check his web sites are here:



And here is a link to my video of the reivew:


Mark Spanky Gutierrez

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