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4 Strings of Swing

4 Strings of Swing: 1). A fun band that believes in minimalism consisting of Vocals, Violin, Ukulele, and Bass

2). Great fun and great tunes 3). Happy, snappy and well dressed 4). All

4 Strings of Swing

4 Strings of Swing - Life is Good!!

puns are intended 5) Dancing welcome!

Heather Hooton – Vocals, Violin, and Guitar

Mark  Spanky Gutierrez – Vocals, Ukulele, and Guitar

JD Hooton – Big Bass Fiddle, and Humming (yes, they are related… Lil Mr. and Lil Mrs.)

Available for your party, wedding, and all around amusement!

Band Web Site:




4 thoughts on “4 Strings of Swing

  1. John Birsner on said:

    How do we buy cd? (You’re not makin’ this easy!)

  2. m. quinn on said:

    Mark, I would like to speak to you about booking you for an event. M

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