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What John Wayne Taught Me About Peace…

What John Wayne Taught Me about Peace.

The peace was visible in his determined eyes.

I know just what to do. I don’t have to be anything but level-headed. I am doing what is right, I am a good guy, I am THE good guy. I will fight to the finish even if it kills me and that fact doesn’t shake my resolve.

Through it all he was confident, calm and determined.

When working gets to be too much or school is pulling me in a million directions. It’s the peaceful planning, and cunning John Wayne approach to shooting down one time-consuming task at a time that pulls me through.

Life puts us in questionable dusty towns that require us to know who we are before entering. Be sure you know what you stand for Mister. If your peace is deep behind your eyes the fork in the trail is no problem.

Peace isn’t found in quiet, damp monasteries, but at O K Corral and in the thick lightning reactions of everyday life.

It lives between your ears mister;

keep your eye on the prize.

Peace Spanky


2 thoughts on “What John Wayne Taught Me About Peace…

  1. Bill Gross on said:

    As I was driving to work today I chanced upon some Gospel music on the radio—hey this sounds like a Rolling Stones song! I thought about a Bible quote, “The kingdom of God is within you.” I thought of people fighting for holy land, whether its Israel or a proposed mosque site in New York City. When I stumbled upon your blog post (it lives between your ears) it resonated with what I was thinking about today.
    Nice post.

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