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Exactly Like You… mostly

This is a great little swing tune.. get your fancy dancing fingers out this one requires some… practice!

Exactly Like You Short and Sweet

K.. for educational purposes only


3 thoughts on “Exactly Like You… mostly

  1. Judy Weinstein on said:

    Hi, Mark –
    Gosh, it’s been a while since I’ve seen you [remember I met you and Mike at my first uke expo in New Jersey right after I bought my Fluke. Then I think I saw you both again in Santa Cruz [I went to see Lyle Ritz] after Mike had started on his dream of building ukes. I also went to Hawaii to sit at the feet of Benny Chong.
    It’s so good to see you, even if it is just on video. You’re looking and sounding great. When I get the chance, I will spend some time on your website. Thanks for being such a great uke resource. I would love Exactly Like You [remember, my dream is to be the Diana Krall of the uke…] and Moon Glow. Thanks, Judy, Granby, CT

  2. Franco Drake on said:

    Great website, thank you!!
    Was very excited to see arrangement for Stardust and other great standards, any echanceyou will post an arrangement for Summertime?
    Also, looked hi and lo for you on youtube, would be great to see you playing your arrangements:))

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