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Ralph’s Homework – This is a good one…

I had a student, lets just call him Ralph. He has the desire to know why, on just about every topic and I love that about him. It just leads down many many rabbit holes!!

Ralph asked the question, why is a chord called that particular name? How do you know that a chord is a major or minor or dominant 7? How can there be so many ways to play the same chord? So, to cover why a chord is called a certain name and how to find them on the fret board I designed this lesson.

First fill out the scale that you would like to work in. Put the scale across the top of the page. Then start filling in the rest of the document. If you do this you will see patterns come out and you will also start to notice how to play positionally!

I have filled out the C scale as an example. Have fun!!

Feel free to check the internet to make sure you have your scale laid out properly.

Click this link to work on Ralph’s home work – Ralph Theory

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